Cyclone Phet Likely Towards Pakistan Today

By Admin - Fri Jun 04, 12:18 pm

KARACHI: Cyclone Phet Likely Towards Pakistan Today. Heavy rainfall with stormy winds related to tropical cyclone Phet hitting the coast of the Gulf state of Oman and will approach to Pakistan coastal belt after midday today.The people in coastal areas of Sindh and Balochistan are being evacuated to the relief camps in view of imminent Phet.

The district administration of Thatta’s coastal area of Keti Bandar started to evacuate people to safer places to relief camps in Garhu, Ghorabari, Kharochan and Bghan and in this connection, transportation is being arranged.

Meantime, Deputy Commissioner in Gwadar port city of Balochistan imposed Section-144 in the coastal areas for three days in view of imminent danger of lashing storm and banned fishing and swimming.

All the concerned departments including Pakistan Navy and hospitals have been put on high alert.

Deputy Commissioner Lasbela also imposed Section-1444 in coastal areas of Gadani, Dam, Sonmiani and Spait and the relief centers have been established at government schools in these areas.

“However, at mainland in Ras Hadd (eastern region), the wind speed is much less at 85 km/h, and we expect it to drop further on Saturday as it moves away from Oman,” Oman metrological department said.

The storm will pack winds with speed reaching as high as 140 kilometers at the time of landfall, the weather office said.

The cyclone will hit the coasal belt of Sindh and Baluchistan on Sunday with weaken intensity. Sporadic rainfall related to the system will continue in coastal areas upto coming Tuesday.

Phet initially had been forecast to become a Category 5 storm, the most powerful category with winds of over 156 mph.

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