Peshawar Blast, 6 Poeple Injured with MPA Orangzeb Injured

By Admin - Wed Jan 20, 1:33 pm

PESHAWAR: A loud explosion has occurred on Ring Road near home of a member NWFP assembly Oragzaid who has also come under the attack along with another three persons in Peshawar on Today.

According to police sources, the explosion was a target on the member provincial assembly and the leader of ANP Orangzaib who has been injured together with another three victims.

The injured ones have been shifted to hospital for medical attainment where MPA Orangzaib was declared out of danger but he received wounds on face inflicted by the pieces of glasses of his car.

Also, the explosion has left a 7-feet deep crater meanwhile, police and other security forces have cordoned off the blast site in order to collect evidences from there, source said.

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