Katrina Kaif & Blue Song

By Admin - Sun Aug 30, 6:40 am

News_Katrina-Kaif-Blue-Songs_60Katrina Kaif, Our titles may disappoint large enough for the countless fans of Katrina Kaif, who rejoiced in a number of sizzling hot spot of their favorite actress in the adventure deep Shree Ashtavinayak Action sea blue.

But what we say is true, as was revealed by none other than Katrina Kaif herself while talking to a specialist trade front.

Katrina says,”I have a presence of exactly seven minutes and twenty seconds in blue. And I do not even have a song in the film.”Katrina said she knew well enough on the length of his role and that is why she has always maintained that she is trying just a special appearance in Blue .

And she was not fooled by the role, which she did only to policymakers and Akshay Kumar, who is a dear friend. She also added that it is revealing that she did not want his fans to be disappointed when they find it in a special appearance prolonged.

Well, we’re certainly disappointed because it was the general impression that emerged. But even this special benefit of the uncrowned queen of Bollywood will be pretty special for his fans, who welcomed a “dhamakedar ‘Diwali through blue.


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