Manslaughter Probe Ordered, Madonna’s Marseilles Concert

By Admin - Mon Jul 20, 1:07 am

News_Manslaughter-Probe_39Manslaughter probe has been ordered by French prosecutors after a stage roof, being built for Madonna’s Marseilles concert, collapsed and killed two people.

In the incident, Briton Charles Prow, 23, died on July 17, while an unnamed French worker was killed immediately when a section of the stage roof at the Velodrome Stadium collapsed as it was being put into place on July 16.

Eight other people, all French, were injured in the accident in the Mediterranean port city of Marseille, one of them in critical condition and four in serious conditions.

Assistant prosecutor Marc Simamonti said that an investigation by the prosecutor’s office for manslaughter and involuntary injuries in a work-related accident has been opened.

He said that the initial hearings would be held on July 19 or July 20.

The cause of the roof collapse was not known, though police said a faulty power winch may have played a role

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