Active Daily Life Helps to Cure Insomnia

By Admin - Mon Feb 06, 4:14 pm

ISLAMABAD: A person’s surrounding atmosphere and active daily life are important helpful factors to cure the disease of insomnia. Talking to PTV, Psychiatrist Aysha Mokim Qurashi said on Monday insomnia has many kinds such as primary and transitory insomnia. Sleeplessness in patches leads to chronic condition of insomnia in which the patient could never sleep properly in the normal sleeping hours.

She said treatment of insomnia patients differ from person to person. Insomnia is primarily caused due to depression and in some cases is self-imposed. It is a disorder in which a person could never sleep properly adding in both the conditions pressure of heavy work and tense environment are the main reasons to be cured by the doctor.

She advised insomnia patients not to use medicines on their own which could cause adverse rection and besides that person can become addict to these.

Worries can disturb the sleep so at first the reasons for such worries should be resolved than there may not be need of taking such medicines, she said.

Replying to a question she said insomnia affects women more than men. In elder age this is major problem faced by people as they feel alone most of the times.

She said that unnecessary medicines before sleep like vitamins should not be used rather its best to take these in the day time.

She recommended certain tips for sound sleep and to avoid insomnia, sleeping patterns should be established, use of coffee and caffeine should be avoided; environment should be congenial; one should do work himself as due to tiredness a person enjoys normal and healthy sleep; last but not the least a person should try to sleep when others are slept. (APP)


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