Gunfight Near US Consulate in Peshawar Continues

By Admin - Sat Aug 28, 11:34 am

PESHAWAR: Suspected miscreants attacked buildings near the US consulate in Peshawar early morning on Saturday, police said. Police said a number of armed men intruded into a secure area close to the consulate and buildings early in the morning, exchanges of fire between the attackers and security forces were continuing.

“Their target is unclear but they are trying to reach a very sensitive area. There is US consulate and army offices and buildings,” said Karim Khan, a senior police official in Peshawar.

“The US consulate is completely safe,” he added.

Richard Snelsire, the spokesman for the US Embassy in Islamabad, said he had “no information right now” on whether the consulate was the intended target.

Police said the army had sealed off the site of the attack, preventing anyone from entering while gunfire continued intermittently.

Army and police had blocked all the roads into the area while helicopters patrolled the skies.

Bashir Bilour, a provincial cabinet minister whose home is in front of the consulate, said: “The first round of firing continued for 30 minutes. I don’t know what’s going on but the army has sealed off the whole area and firing is still continuing.”

“Soldiers have also entered my Hujra (Visitors compound). I cannot go
outside,” he added.

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