Suicide attack on Govt staff bus, seven killed 26 injured

By Admin - Fri Jul 03, 12:45 am

news_Rawalpindi-Blast_28RAWALPINDI ( 2009-07-02 18:18:38 ) :An apparent suicide bomber riding a motorcycle killed up to seven people when he rammed a bus carrying staff from a government department in the garrison city Rawalpindi on Thursday.

The blast ripped through one of the most congested junctions in the heart of the huge sprawling city adjacent to the capital Islamabad.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility. “In the bus there were 25 to 30 staff members of a government department,” Nasir Durrani, a regional police officer in Rawalpindi.

“Suddenly a motorcyclist hit it near the petrol tank. Six to Seven were killed and some 20 to 26 injured,” he added.

“From the condition of the destroyed motorcycle, it was apparently a suicide attack,” Durrani said pointing to the discovery of body parts.

One side of the bus was completely damaged, said an AFP correspondent. Pieces of broken glass, blood, flesh, human hair and bone fragments scattered the road, as a strong stench of blood and explosives hung in the air.

“We have initial reports of four to five dead and 20 injured,” city police chief Rao Iqbal told AFP.

“All the injured have been taken to hospital. This bomber was on a motorbike and he struck the bus with his bike at the busiest traffic signal when the traffic light was red,” he added.

“According to our assessment he had three to four kilograms (six to eight pounds) of explosive material. Several other vehicles were also damaged. This bus was hired for government officials.”

police spoke out against what they termed new militant tactics targeting a moving vehicle with security forces on a heightened state of alert in major cities in recent weeks.

“There is high state of alert. All vehicles are being checked at various checkpoints and sniffer dogs are also being used, but motorcycles were not checked in similar manner,” Durrani said.

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