China Police Seize 50,000 Guns In Crackdown: State Media

By Admin - Thu Aug 13, 8:25 pm

news_China-Seize_234BEIJING : Chinese police have confiscated 50,000 guns and 900 tonnes of explosives in a crackdown on illegal weapons ahead of the 60th anniversary of communist rule, state media said Thursday.

Nearly 10,000 suspects have been arrested in connection with the crackdown that began in March and will continue up to China’s October 1 National Day celebration, the official Xinhua news agency said.

About 60 percent of the illegal firearms were handed in voluntarily, the report said.

Police also confiscated 3.7 million detonators and raided 562 illegal sites where guns and explosives were being made and modified, it said.

The numbers of weapons confiscated marked a dramatic increase from July, when the police reported that 19,000 firearms and 500 tonnes of explosives had been seized in the first four and a half months of the campaign.

Possession of firearms is illegal in China, although in rural and mountainous areas hunting guns are allowed.

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